About Alexander Fox

Thanks for visiting my website! Learn a little more about me here.

I'm a web application developer with extensive experience with Javascript, PHP, HTML and CSS. In addition to web languages, I also do programming in languages like Java and C# and I learn other programming languages whenever I have a need for them. Web development is not just my job, I enjoy doing it as a hobby as well.

Having gained an interest in websites in the early 2000's I started learning web development more seriously in 2005 and I've been constantly improving my skills in design and development for the web since then.

Outside of web development, I love videogames. I enjoy games like Zelda, Sonic, Fire Emblem, and Pokémon but my favorites are a little more obscure. Some of the best games I've ever played are Xenoblade and Solatorobo.

You might have guessed from the pictures on this website that another of my hobbies is drawing, I love to draw cartoon characters. I paint landscapes and environments occasionally to use as backgrounds for my pictures.

Check out my blog to see stories about my experiences as a developer as well as solutions to common problems that developers face.